Maple Leaf Curriculum and Mandarin Teacher at Maple Leaf School- TRU

Founded in 1995, what was once one school with 14 students has now grown into one of the largest Canadian K-12 school systems with currently 41,000 students. Today Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) operates more than 90 schools from preschool to high school in 22 cities throughout China. Maple Leaf Schools are certified by the Ministry of Education, British Columbia, Canada and deliver the grade 10-12 high school graduation diploma. After years of success as B.C.’s largest off-shore educational system, MLES decided to expand internationally and established Maple Leaf Education North America (MLENA) and Maple Leaf Education Asia Pacific (MLEAP). Together all our schools are branded under the banner: Maple Leaf World Schools. Maple Leaf World Schools currently has a total of four schools – with three located in Canada and one in Australia. These schools are independent high schools offering Maple Leaf’s unique and desirable university preparatory school model ‘University Advanced Start’ among other desirable programs.

Maple Leaf School – TRU (MLWS-TRU) was the first school to be established and operated by Maple Leaf Education North America Ltd. (MLENA) a subsidiary company of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems (CMLES). The school is located on the campus of Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. The educational model for this school is based on the educational model of the CMLES schools operating throughout China as Maple Leaf International Schools. This model has a central theme that blends both Chinese and Canadian educational practices and philosophies. To support and ensure the success of this model CMLES has assigned a Maple Leaf Curriculum and Mandarin Teacher, to carry out CMLES’ educational model at MLWS-TRU. 

Job Profile

Maple Leaf Education North America is seeking an enthusiastic and energetic Maple Leaf Curriculum and Mandarin Teacher to join the team at our school Maple Leaf School- TRU in Kamloops, B.C. The Maple Leaf Curriculum and Mandarin Teacher will work closely with Maple Leaf executive leadership and the Principal of MLWS-TRU to deliver the Chinese curriculum courses, Mandarin and Social Studies, as is required for dual accreditation by the Chinese education authorities and BC Ministry of Education and as is provided to MLES students studying at our schools in China. 

He/She will also work to prepare for the inspection and accreditation of these Chinese courses by the Chinese educational authorities. He/She will provide a liaison service between MLWS-TRU students in Canada and CMLES school authorities in China, specifically related to the students’ performance in the Chinese mandated elements of the program. 

He/She will be expected to manage their classrooms effectively, maintain good student discipline, support the discipline standards and rules of the school and assist with the supervision of students as required or as additionally requested by the Principal. He/She will need to participate in decision-making reviews and meetings related to individual MLWS-TRU students as requested by the Maple Leaf executive leadership, CMLES Chinese Program Superintendent and/or the Principal of MLWS-TRU. With the Principal and other teachers and in liaison with the Thompson Rivers University International Services staff member, he/she will be expected to organize events, clubs and other activities for the students. 

Administratively, he/she will be required to respond to inquiries from students and parents interested in applying to MLWS-TRU and forward such inquiries to the appropriate sources at the school and within MLENA. As may be requested, he/she will need to create, monitor and maintain appropriate social media sites to promote student activities and experiences at MLWS-TRU, specifically for parent and family members to follow. The successful candidate will be a positive role model and demonstrate high moral standards for students at all times, conduct himself/herself appropriately both professionally and personally at the school and within the community, as fitting for a teacher/counsellor at an academic-oriented, independent school in British Columbia. Finally, the position may include physical duties and responsibilities and so the successful candidate must be able to perform these tasks- more details can be provided during the interview process. 

Vacancy Summary

Location: Maple Leaf School – TRU, Kamloops, British Columbia
Compensation Package: Competitive
Start Date: August 15th, 2019

Required Knowledge and Experience

  • Master’s degree or above from a recognized university- Canadian or international
  • Working fluency in English
  • Full fluency in Mandarin
  • Minimum five years of experience working with the Maple Leaf Social Studies and Mandarin curriculum.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding of other cultures and the ability to communicate in a cross-cultural working environment. This includes communications with students, parents, teachers and the public.
  • Familiarity with B.C. independent school operations is an asset as well as the understanding school systems and processes such as graduation, school partnerships, and articulated agreements, etc.
  • Holds a considerable level of computer skills including the use of the Microsoft office suite (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint), communications programs such as Windows Live and Skype and social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. As well as the ability to learn software programs that may be used at the University. Proficiency with BANNER or a similar integrated student information system/database preferred.
  • Ability to build and maintain positive, cooperative, and service-oriented relationships with internal and external student and staff where diversity of situations and people are routinely encountered.

Please respond with current resume and cover letter to:

Penney Pan